Product Design Engineering


In today's digital era, industry demand for knowledge & skills which are diverse and dynamic just as our profession itself. The whole space of industrial engineering will be the bigger & trending career option in coming 10 - 20 years. Within its ‘digital engineering and manufacturing services’ division, the technology companies design hardware components and software components embedded in hardware for clients including a large aircraft manufacturer to small domestic consumer. The work involves core engineering skills like mechanical engineering which includes design engineering, analysis and prototyping.


Design is a field where you use your creative abilities to conceptualize most of the things that you see around you. From the clothes that you are wearing to the bag that you are carrying, the frames of the glasses that you are using if you are wearing specs, the furniture that you see around you, the material that you see in movies, all is 'designed'. Our Product Design program offers students deeper & indepth understanding of the diverse topics of product, material and smart industrial design and builds expertise in the tools and techniques to translate their visions, ideas & concept into working products. Our program prepares you to explore & think out of box and encourages lateral & innovative thinking through skill-building courses in graphic representation and material prototyping. 


Project work on the subject "Goods Delivery Vehicle"


Industrial Product Design 

This program seeks to equip graduates with a comprehensive understanding of the product creation process. This consists of training them in a systematic approach to the development and construction of products as well as fundamental and specific methods in the mechanical engineering domain.

CAE Analyst Program

CAE is a fast emerging field that takes CAD to another level. While CAD is useful in creating 2D and 3D models of a product, CAE software allows a deeper engineering analysis of objects. CAE thus finds applications in engineering fields like fluid dynamics, kinematics, stress analysis, finite element analysis, etc.


Mechanical Engineers at GOOGLE

As a Mechanical Engineer you design and evaluate our data center systems, identifying product requirements and contributing to research and project planning. From the chip to chiller, you are responsible for designing and optimizing an architecture that will scale with Google's continued growth.

Mechanical Engineers at APPLE

Develop initial product layouts and new technology concepts - mechanism design - sensor design and integration - model building to prove function, manufacturability, and robustness - perform FEA or coordinate FEA activities to validate mechanisms, sensor performance, and product integrity prior to design release 

Mechanical Engineers at INTEL

Mechanical Engineers research, design, and develop mechanical and electromechanical devices or systems. Responsibilities include development of system concepts, conducting design previews, performing system acceptance, and resolving design and implementation issues.

Note: The above data has been taken from respective companies web portal.

Short video showcasing the scope of Mechanical Engineers working at Google.


With the growing penetration of technology in our day to day life, product design engineering or industrial product design will be the upcoming trending career for next 30 years.  Industrial design cannot exist in a vacuum. Each connected device — from your couch to your fitness bracelet, the hospital room to your wallet — demands we think about connected experiences. The shape and form of our design impacts the object’s meaning as much as the underlying software architecture and the services that can be built on top of it. So get your self ready will all updated skills required to be a future Product Design Engineer with Texvyn.