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Engineering Project Management

Duration: 80 Hrs | Delivery Mode: Online / Classroom

Become an expert project engineer, get trained in cutting edge technologies and work on real-life industry grade projects.

Eligibility: B. Tech / M. Tech Engineering


Project Management & Planning

Engineering Project Management Programs seeks to provide a paradigm shift in engineering education with the development of a revolutionary degree venturing into a novel interdisciplinary integration of skills and knowledge in the context of leadership and innovation. Offered exclusively at Texvyn Technologies, Engineering Leadership is taking today’s great minds and nurturing them to become the brilliant, innovative leaders of tomorrow.

Engineering PMP [E-PMP] is the unique learning program of its kind in the country. E-PMP goes well beyond being a program, an initiative or a cluster of classes added to enhance the caliber of the graduate engineers. By collaborating with key entities for technical skills, soft skills, leadership skills etc., the curriculum designed for E-PMP transforms the classroom experience of engineering students. E-PMP moves beyond content and focuses on industrial knowledge and its applications with integration of the students’ skills and knowledge in real-world scenarios.

E-PMP creates a culture of innovation, excellence and collaboration from its students, meant to extend beyond their years of undergraduate study. Grounded in leadership development, E-PMP maximizes each student’s collaborative capacity. Mentoring character and personal growth helps students reach a level of personal and professional achievement that goes beyond traditional instruction. E-PMP develops the student into an action-driven leader with an innovative mindset.



E-PMP views leadership as a cycle in which leaders develop leadership traits in themselves, which perpetuate to those being led, and those around them. At the core of Engineering Leadership is the effort to incite an understanding of leadership practice founded on the development of character, competence and capacity in its students. Character, competence and capacity are the foundation of our leadership style and the three pillars upon which Engineering Leadership classes and content are structured.

When the three pillars of Engineering Leadership are put together, the result is a strong graduate – one who is ready to face the challenges of the 21st century.


Engineering Leadership is passionate about mentoring leaders with character. Character is a determination of personality, values and conduct. We believe in shaping individuals at their core. To achieve this, the Engineering Leadership faculty and students cultivate an environment where individuals are mentored to develop an understanding of themselves, to become people of integrity and to nurture selflessness. Without character, leadership is incomplete. Good leaders care about the improvement of the lives they come in contact with. This one trait alone greatly reflects the intentions of the leaders in this program.


Effective and efficient leadership requires an elevated level of subject mastery. Collaborative, project-based learning experiences help students apply leadership theory, and synthesize and identify those leadership opportunities, all while applying their technical knowledge. Engineering Leadership further develops competence by diversifying subjects and allowing students to focus on concentrations that pique their interests. Engineering Leadership gives students a synthesized, multidisciplinary education that prepares them to thrive in today’s world.


Engineering Leadership students are presented with diverse team-based challenges that incorporate multiple disciplines from day one of class. From project managing to research, students have the ability to excel at diverse roles, even teaching, widening the future possibilities available to them. Engineering Leadership develops capacity by providing students with multiple opportunities to apply and synthesize diverse competencies, thereby building experience.

Our Learning Modules Under Project Management Program

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