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B. Tech / B.E in Mechanical & ProductionEngineering.
Diploma in Mechanical & ProductionEngineering.
M .Tech / M.E in Mechanical Engineering.


Introduction to HVAC


  • Scope of HVAC Industry with overview of Consulting & Construction industry.

  • Concepts of Air conditioning systems.

  • Codes & Standards




  • Types of refrigerant, Codes & Cylinder colors.

  • Evaporating & condensing properties of refrigerant.

  • Refrigerant Pipe sizing methods.

  • Darcy-Weisbach Method of Pipe sizing.


Principles of air conditioning


  • Components of Vapor compression cycle.

  • Functioning of Vapor compression cycle.

  • Sub cooling & Super Heating Modes.

  • Understanding of Suction Line, Discharge Line & Liquid Line.

  • Understanding of Absorption Chilling system 


Air conditioning systems-Functioning/Installation/Selection/Maintenance


  • Local cooling comfort System.

  • Centrally air conditioned system.


Psychometric chart


  • Properties of Air (DBT, RH, WBT, HR, DPT, ENTHALPY)


Components of AHU & its functioning


  • Cooling & Heating.

  • Humidification Methods.

  • Dehumidification Methods.

  • FiltrationTypes of Fans.

  • Arrangement of Fans.

  • Arrangements of Components of AHU Load flow Studies.


Cooling & Heating load estimation


  • Basics of Heat transfer in a building envelop.

  • Understanding of Outdoor & Indoor Conditions.

  • Indoor Conditions requirements.

  • Exposure of Wall, Latitude of Location, Daily Range etc.

  • Factors affecting the loads estimate.


Design of Ventilation system


  • Types of Ventilation System (Supply, Extract & Balanced).

  • Components of Ventilation system.

  • Design of Extract System for Toilets, Garbage Rooms, Warehouse Etc.

  • Design of Car Park Ventilation System.

  • Negative & Positive pressure requirements.

  • Restaurant and Residence Kitchen Ventilation System Design.

  • Sizing of Hood, Number of filters required & Duct designing.

  • Stair Well Pressurization System Designing


Chilled Water system design-Function/Selection/Installation/Maintenance


  • Classification of chillers.

  • Pumps

  • Piping fundamentals.

  • Chilled Water System Design.


Equipment Selection


  • AHU & FCU classification and selection.

  • Package Unit Selection DX- Chiller Selection.

  • Condenser Selection (Air cooled, Water Cooled, Evaporative).

  • Cooling Tower Selection Mixed Air Temperature Calculation.

  • HRF for Open and Closed Compressor.

  • Expansion Tank Selection.



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