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We conduct various online instructor led sessions on latest technology & tools for Engineering Students, Working Professionals, IT Professionals etc. Our Training & Workshops are job oriented and on demand in Industry. All our technical workshops are designed to provide an insight view of latest technological advancement in the field of engineering. All the concepts will be explained in detail with the help of theory and with specially designed animations which would help the students to visualize things before actually practically working on it.

Flow Study & Simulation using SolidWorks Simulation

Designed to help you become productive faster, this course offers in-depth training on the use of Leading Simulation software. The training program includes the basics of turbulent fluid flow analysis, in addition to covering meshing concerns, modeling concerns, analysis, post-processing, available options and preferences.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Flow Simulation Project

  • Meshing

  • Thermal Analysis

  • External Transient Analysis

  • Conjugate Heat Transfer

  • EFD Zooming

  • Porous Media

  • Rotating Reference Frame

  • Parametric Study

  • Free Surface

  • Cavitation

  • Relative Humidity

  • Particle Trajectory

  • Supersonic Flow


Electrical Design & Simulation

Electrical Design & Simulation offers a integrated electrical engineering learning including arc flash, load flow, short circuit, transient stability, relay coordination, cable ampacity, optimal power flow, and more. Having the ability to work with leading electrical software will play a key-role for fresh Electrical engineers, as well as those who need to expand their knowledge of power calculations.

Key Topics Covered:

  • ​Introduction to Electrical System Design.

  • Basics of Electrical Power System.

  • Substation Design.

  • Single Line Diagram.

  • Working with Industry Software.

  • Various Modules in Simulation Software.

  • Load Flow Analysis.

  • Short Circuit Analysis.

  • Motor Acceleration.

  • Transformer Sizing.

  • Cables.

  • Electrical Protection and Relays.


FEA & CFD [CAE Analyst] 

ANSYS software is recognized as the world’s leading fully integrated suite of computer-aided engineering tools. ANSYS solutions are broad and highly integrated, with advanced technology in all key areas including structural, CFD, thermal, dynamics, and meshing.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Finite Element Analysis.

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

  • ANSYS Mechanical and Multi-physics.

  • ANSYS Fluent​.


COMOS P&ID / SmartPlant P&ID

The Intelligent P&ID Course is designed for engineers and designers who will use the P&ID software to generate intelligent P&IDs.The program that enables users to create intelligent, project-wide data as the P&ID is designed, using the familiar AutoCAD drafting system. It enables a wide range of documents (drawings, isolation, reports, Valve list, Equipment List, Instrument List etc) to be generated.

Key Topics Covered:

  • ​Placing equipment, piping, and instruments

  • Placing labels

  • Placing assemblies

  • Organising your catalogue explorer

  • Using filters to optimise your work

  • Using the tabular view

  • Using the stockpile

  • Using the properties grid

  • Manipulating graphics

  • Checking design and data consistency

  • Plotting drawings

  • Generating reports


Pressure Vessel Design & Analysis

This course introduces the participant to the ASME Section VIII Div. 1 & 2 code for pressure vessel design. The candidate will complete calculations, designs, and fabrication drawings to industry standards, using the applicable codes.

Key Topics Covered:

  • ​Introduction to Pressure vessels.

  • Process Equipment. (Vessels, Reactors, Heat Exchangers, Distillation Columns,) .

  • Overview of PFD, P&ID and Process Data Sheets..

  • Inputs required and use of the inputs. .

  • International Codes and Standards used in Industry including ASME Section VIII .

  • Materials Specifications – ASTM / ASME.

  • Design of Pressure Vessel as per ASME Section VIII Division I .

  • Overview of G.A. Drawings and Fabrication drawings of Equipments.

  • Stresses in Pressure Vessels .

  • Calculating Pressure Vessels Shell and Head Thickness.

  • Fabrication, Inspection and Testing of Pressure vessels.


Heat Exchanger Design & Analysis

This course provides detailed understanding of heat exchangers technology. It covers also thermal and mechanical calculation methods used to design exchangers and their performance monitoring.

Key Topics Covered:

  • ​Conduction of heat through a plane wall.

  • Conduction of heat through a cylindrical wall.

  • Convention of heat transfer-general problem.

  • Convection heat transfer-problem formulation and solution.

  • Optimum thickness of pipe insulation.

  • Shell and tube heat exchangers

– Analysis of shell and tube heat exchangers
– Effectiveness-NTU analysis
– Increased Heat recovery in shell and tube heat exchangers
– Design considerations
– Optimum outlet water temperature analysis 

  • S&T Heat Exchanger Design using Software [Add-on]


Project Management using MS Project & Primavera P6

Project Management is designed to assist project managers to develop plans, assign resources to tasks, track progress, manage budgets and analyse workloads. Easy collaboration and communication tools help to keep teams organised and apprised of project goals and progress.Keeping an eye on budgets, timelines and cost escalations is an integral part of the workflow. Extensive help resources to handle the risks and project issues that arise make for high productivity gains.

Key Topics Covered:

  • ​Project Creation.

  • Calendar.

  • Work Breakdown Structure.

  • Time Estimation.

  • Project Critical Path.

  • Cost Estimation.

  • Tracking the Project Progress.

  • Project Forecasting Status.

  • Text and Graphical Reports.


SmartPlant Instrumentation - SPI [In-Tools]

This course is designed for instrumentation specialists involved in the definition and specification of instrumentation and control systems using the SmartPlant Instrumentation software. In this course, students learn how to define the instruments using SmartPlant Instrumentation as per the specifications of project deliverable's.

Key Topics Covered:

  • ​System and Project Administration Overview

  • Instrument Index

  • Process Data

  • Calculations

  • Specifications

  • Wiring

  • Loop Diagrams

  • Hookups


Process Simulation

This course introduces fundamental and advanced techniques and tools for the design, modelling and optimization of process plants. Read less. It provides in-depth training to model and simulate industrial processes for plant-wide optimization purposes.

Key Topics Covered:

  • ​Overview of process design concepts.

  • Process modelling and simulation (steady-state and dynamic).

  • Process flowsheeting.

  • Process economic analysis.

  • Basic principles of optimization.

  • Case studies


Pipe Stress & Flexibility Analysis

Pipe stress analysis is an analytical method to determine how a piping system behaves based on its material, pressure, temperature, fluid, and support. Pipe stress analysis is not an accurate depiction of the piping behavior, but it is a good approximation.

Key Topics Covered:

  • ​Introduction to Pipe Stress Analysis.

  • Piping Materials.

  • Codes for Piping Design and Stress Analysis.

  • Principal Stresses and Failure Theories.

  • Design Pressure, Design Temperature and Allowable Stress.

  • Thermal Stresses in Piping Systems.

  • Pipe Stress Analysis Software

Piping 3D Modeling [PDMS/E3D]

PDMS & Everything 3D is a 3D design software solution that avails the facility of delivering a high-end capable projects of plants. E3D/PDMS consists a standard modern library that enables the users to reuse the designs that already exist; thus, saving the energy and time. It also helps in generation of drawings and reports picked up directly from the PDMS/E3D database. 

Key Topics Covered:

  • Equipment Modeling

  • Piping Modeling

  • Structural Modeling

  • Electrical & Instrumentation

  • HVAC Modeling

  • Hangers & Supports

  • Spooler & ISO DRAFT

  • Drawing Manager

  • Essential Modeling Commands

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