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Understanding What Employers Look for in Engineers

India is facing a shortage of engineers with enough technical talent. According to NASSCOM, each year over three million graduates and postgraduates are added to the Indian workforce.Of these only 25 percent of technical graduates and 10-15 percent of other graduates are considered employable. Poor quality of education, obsolete curriculum and aged infrastructure are the major reasons for the skill gap.As a result, the students who graduate are not well equipped with required skill sets and companies incur additional cost to train these fresh graduates and newly hired employees."The students who are able to bridge this skill gap and offer themselves as ready to work on projects from day one surely are preferred employees for the corporates.

The first step in the career development process is to understand what employers need and look for in engineers. The engineering needs of employers vary greatly and much of the hiring process involves identifying the individual with the skills, interests and personality that best match the needs. Some individuals get hired because they have special language skills or experience in a particular industry. However, there are certain qualities that are generally important to many employers and these are the focus of this section.

Companies and other organizations seek to hire “professional engineers.” In this case we are not limiting our discussion to “licensed professional engineers” but are talking more broadly about all degree engineers with professional skills, behaviors and attitudes. We are simply saying that companies want engineers with engineering knowledge and skills, and professional skills, behaviors and attitudes.

At Texvyn we conduct an exercise involving many of our partner companies [Associates] employers that was aimed at identifying core engineering competencies. These are the knowledge, skills, behaviors and attitudes that all employers generally want to see in their engineers. The below lists the top fourteen competencies that were identified.

  • Professionalism

  • Safety Awareness

  • Cultural Adaptability

  • Innovation

  • Continuous Learning

  • Integrity

  • Engineering Knowledge

  • Communication

  • Planning

  • Quality Orientation

  • General Knowledge

  • Team Work

  • Analysis & Judgement

  • Customer Oriented

The training program at texvyn was developed, and is continuously being improved, to provide students with the competencies that employers want to see in graduates. Coursework, co-ops, internships, student organization projects and other activities all provide opportunities to develop engineering competencies and professional skills. Since many students and graduates complete similar coursework, companies largely differentiate candidates for employment based on their amount and depth of professional experiences outside the classroom. These experiences result in the practice of engineering and professional skills, and employers value these almost as much as good grades.

Work Experiences In addition to good grades, employers want to see work experiences — especially professional work experience such as co-ops and internships or a professional course certificate . Co-ops and internships are professional positions where the employer has agreed to make it a learning experience and help you develop workplace skills as you complete engineering tasks.

Soft Skills (Teamwork, Leadership, etc.) Employers also value active participation in student organizations. It’s not enough to simply belong to an organization; you need to contribute. Employers want to see that you have practiced your teamwork, project management, leadership and other skills by actively contributing. Serving as an officer of the organization is great but even leading a project is helpful on a resume.

Considering the above requirement from employer, we ensure our student get exposure in all areas necessary to increase their employ-ability score. Under our Leadership Program we provide our students with all the necessary ingredients which makes them job ready. For more details on our Leadership Program, click here or write us on


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