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Career Program With Internship

Texvyn Technologies launching a Career Program for Mechanical Engineering Graduates [This included entry level engineers as well as working professionals.]. We at Texvyn ensure a quality & application-based learning content which will make you stand out from the crowd. We at Texvyn focus on 3 major aspect which turn out to be key ingredients for a successful carrier, whether you are entry level engineer or established professional who wants to switch the job for brighter prospect & they are –

  • Application based learning [Technical & Non-Technical].

  • Industry Networking.

  • Profile Positioning.

All our programs are equip with latest technology know-how & includes knowledge of trending industry software's. Below are the list of trending industry program which gives you an opportunity to learn & also pursue an internship for the period of 3 Months which will be addon in your career profile.


Piping engineering is an emerging engineering science, although it has been there for years. A piping system is crucial to any process plant; hence it needs to be designed with precision and care. The efficiency of a plant highly depends on its ability to transport fluid through the pipes to various equipment that function collectively.

Career Opportunities in Piping Design Engineering:

  1. Piping Layout Engineering.

  2. Piping Stress Engineering.

  3. Piping 3D Modeler/Designer.

  4. Piping Project Engineering.

You can select your career path depending on your skills & passion. Texvyn's Piping Design course is a professional development program developed as a joint initiative of industry and academia. This course instantly filled an existing gap between the requirement of industry's design and engineering sector and what conventional curriculum of established engineering disciplines of chemical engineering, mechanical engineering etc. offered. The program is available with module based learning & candidate can select the module based on his experience & passions, below are the module for Piping Design Engineering -

  • Layout & Material.

  • Piping 3D Modeling using PDMS.

  • Piping Stress Analysis with CAESAR II.

  • PG Program in Piping Design Engineering.

Our entry level program in Piping Design starts with INR 18000 [Inclusive of Taxes]. For more details on program enroll here


Static equipment's plays a major role in the Oil and Gas industry. Common static equipment’s used in the Oil and Gas industries are; Pressure Vessels, Heat exchangers, Storage tanks & Distillation columns.

Career Opportunities in Static Equipment Engineering:

The role of Static Design Engineers varies depending on the organization he gets hired. Some of the key organization hires Static Design Engineers are listed below -

  1. Client Side Organization [Owner/Operators].

  2. EPC Organization.

  3. Vendor/Sub-Contractors.

  4. Licensor.

To know in detail about the job role with various organization refer this link.

The Mechanical Design of Process Equipment program was developed to offer continuing education opportunities to Mechanical Engineers and technical professionals who want to build their career in Oil & Gas sector. This course broadly covers design & construction including fabrication/ testing of pressure vessels & other process equipment's like heat exchangers, reactors & columns.The course is designed to give complete understanding of engineering codes & standards used in design of pressure vessels & other Process Equipment's. Below are the program available for engineering graduates to select depending on their experience -

  • PG Program in Static Equipment Design.

  • Pressure Vessel & Heat Exchanger Design Program.

  • Master Program in Heat Exchanger Design with HTRI.

  • PG Program in Static Equipment Design with Finite Element Analysis.

Our entry level program in Static Equipment Design starts with INR 20000 [Inclusive of Taxes]. For more details on program enroll here


Product design engineers, also known as industrial designers, combine their knowledge of design, engineering, and manufacturing processes to create functional products. They may conduct tests in order to determine whether their products meet all requirements, then document the results. Product design engineers must often meet with members of various departments within their companies in order to review prototypes or discuss required design modifications. Product design engineers may also be responsible for making improvements or updates to existing design and development standards. Professionals may also need to understand how their decisions affect product cost, performance, and quality.

Career Opportunities in Product Design Engineering:

In today's technology based market with diverse fields such as consumer electronics, medical products, smart furniture design, packaging design, transportation design, product merchandising, object/ craft design, advertising and environmental design including building interiors and signage requires an combination of innovation & technology which builds a superior & unique product. To design such product industry needs a young engineering graduates who have capability to innovate & knowledge to integrate their engineering skills with the innovation. Some of the key career opportunities available here are listed below -

  1. Product Design Engineer.

  2. Product Analyst.

  3. CAE Analyst.

  4. Product Manager.

  5. R&D Engineer.

To know in detail about the job role with various organization refer this link.

The course will address design fundamentals and build your entrepreneurial, experiential, collaborative and professional skills further through projects and assignments. Here, you will learn to design with understanding of the end-users and their needs through experiential and human-centered design approaches. Below are the program available for engineering graduates to select depending on their experience -

  • PG Program in Product Design Engineering.

  • CAE Analyst Program.

  • Basic Mechanical Design Engineering Program.

Our entry level program in Product Design starts with INR 18000 [Inclusive of Taxes]. For more details on program enroll here

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