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Mechanical Engineering - Career Prospect

Completed your Mechanical Engineering Degree and not being able to decide what to look for after this, read on.

What do we mean by Mechanical Engineering?

If you ever want to become jack-of-all-trades in Engineering, then Mechanical field is perfectly suited for you. In this field the engineers need a broad spectrum of skill-sets comprising of economic, social, technical and environmental. A mechanical engineer will work on solving the problems on motions, energy and force through principles of engineering.

Usually, when a mechanical engineer works, He/She emphasizes on the tools and processes of engineering by using a combination of human, material and economic resources. She may work on internal combustion engines, electric generators, gas and steam turbines and other machines which generate power. Other than that air-conditioning equipment, power tools and refrigeration also are other areas of work for mechanical engineers.

Where to start your career?

Unlike other engineering degrees, mechanical engineers have always been in demand. But as top-notch companies hire a great numbers of fresher every year, your chances of making your mark in a good company may be meagre. It is not because you don’t have the skills, but rather you need to understand the ratio between demand and supply. If supply is more and demand is lesser than the supply, then if the mechanical engineers are not good enough, not skilled enough, then it would be impossible to create a dent in the company you will start off your career with. Thus, while everyone is busy chasing jobs, your emphasis should be developing yourselves and trying to get the higher education if possible. In later section, we will discuss about the possibilities of higher education, but for now to start with you need to be aware that what are your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and whether they align with your goal of becoming an exceedingly well mechanical engineer.

Keep in mind that getting placed is only a first step toward an exciting career of mechanical engineering. You also need to be willing to stretch yourself and push your envelope to become the best in the industry by working on yourself and your skill sets gradually.

Skill sets required for getting Top Job

To be able to perform exceedingly well, mechanical engineers need to have certain skill sets. The better you are in these skills, better would be your chances of success.

Other than above, one should be properly honed in mathematics, physics and computer technology to be able to apply the above knowledge and skills in practical situations. Moreover, to be able to give yourself an edge over others, you need to have knowledge in Engineering Design, ANSYS and C++.

How to get hired during Campus or off Campus Recruitment?

There are different fields where a mechanical engineer can make his/her mark. You can pick product design, research and development, manufacturing, systems management, energy or marketing. No matter what you choose, know that it would be the beginning of an exciting career. So choose well.

But what mechanical engineering students face most of the time that they don’t get what they would like to get at the end of their mechanical engineering degree is the right opportunity. A lot of top-notch companies offer reasonable positions but quite often the positions don’t suit the students.

What should they do then?

If the students are not able to crack the campus placements or don’t choose to opt for the opportunities they are offered by the companies, they can look outside. They can list down a series of companies where they can hone their skills, develop their passion for mechanical engineering and becoming the best version of what they want in their career. Then they can apply.

Normally, in every good engineering company offers job on varied criteria. The criteria include general aptitude test, engineering and application aptitude test, group discussion, technical interview and final HR interview. If the students can pass through all these criteria, they would be able to work for the position and the company they would like to work for.

To begin the preparation, they should collect the material on aptitude test tricks, engineering general application test; they can practice group discussion with friends, and can conduct mock interview sessions to be job-ready.

After doing all that we have mentioned here, if you are not able to crack any job in your area of specialization in Mechanical Engineering, then you can opt for another way out. And that is to go for internships. The internships may come with payment or no-payment, but if you perform well during your internships, then chances are the company would like to keep you as the future employees or contract employees. And that is not a bad idea to start off with.

Choosing right company for a bright career

As we have already mentioned that mechanical engineering has a broad spectrum of areas where mechanical engineers can work on and hone their skills. The mechanical engineers should not opt for a big company which offers great service and products, rather they should choose small and medium company where they can work more, share more ideas, take more responsibilities and be more in their career and life. The following are the areas where they can opt for job in order to make sure that their future career becomes bright.

  • Fluid Dynamics

  • Robotics

  • Manufacturing Processes

  • Material Science

  • Environmental Science

  • Thermodynamics and heat transfer

  • Mechanical engineers can also choose design as part of their craftsmanship and become a master in what they do.

Professional Program For Mechanical Engineers at Texvyn Technologies

So, you are a mechanical engineer who is not very pleased with the way your career is progressing. Perhaps, you were expecting to progress a little further. Well, have you considered doing some professional programs.

In today’s world, where the competition is so intense, certification programs come in handy to bail you out of trouble. As a mechanical engineer, your prime job is to find solutions for issues in the design and implementation of certain systems on products, considering the industrial requirement & market trends at Texvyn we have come up with below programs which are exclusively designed for Mechanical Engineers -

Product Design Engineering:

Texvyn’s "Product Design Engineering" seeks to equip graduates with a comprehensive understanding of the product creation process. This consists of training them in a systematic approach to the development and construction of products as well as fundamental and specific methods in the mechanical engineering and mechatronics domains. As a result they are able to systematically plan, organize, implement and evaluate complex development projects in multidisciplinary teams. Their deep knowledge base and competence in various methodologies is expanded upon further through various selected individual specialist areas from Development and Construction e.g. production systems. These specialty choices allow students to configure their course according to their own future career goals.

Software Covered: AutoCAD | SolidWorks & Simulation | ANSYS | MS Project/Primavera

Mechanical Equipment Design [Static]:

Static equipment's plays a major role in the Oil and Gas industry. Common static equipment’s used in the Oil and Gas industries are Pressure Vessels, Heat exchangers, Storage tanks & Distillation columns. The Mechanical Design of Process Equipment program was developed to offer continuing education opportunities to Mechanical Engineers and technical professionals who want to build their career in Oil & Gas sector. This course broadly covers design & construction including fabrication/testing of pressure vessels & other process equipment's like heat exchangers, reactors & columns. The course is designed to give complete understanding of engineering codes & standards used in design of pressure vessels & other Process Equipment's using PV ELITE Software.Chemical Process Plants such as refineries, pharmaceutical and petrochemical plants are very complex plants in term of equipment, pipeline, instrumentation, electronics, control and power systems. Multidisciplinary engineering team play a vital roles to design and construct such complex process plants. Team of mechanical engineers play major roles to make safe, economical and well functional designs.

Software Covered: AutoCAD | PV ELITE

Piping Design Engineering :

Piping engineering is an emerging engineering science, although it has been there for years.A piping system is crucial to any process plant; hence it needs to be designed with precision and care. The efficiency of a plant highly depends on its ability to transport fluid through the pipes to various equipment that function collectively.This is a comprehensive program designed to present all major topics relative to the Process Piping Drafting, Detailed Engineering / Layout Engineering of Piping Systems, Mechanical design, Hydraulic design, Construction of Piping Systems and Stress Analysis of Process Piping Systems. The program also covers Process Equipments, Plant Layout, and Mechanical & Hydraulic Design of Pipelines. It is one of the Unique Training Program which covers comprehensive Static Stress Analysis of Piping Systems along with 3D Modeling using SP3D/CADWorx/PDMS/Plant4D.

Software Covered: AutoCAD | PDMS | CAESAR II

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