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P&ID Engineering Drawing Interpretation Workshop – The AGENDA


This two-day course focuses on engineering drawings typically used in the chemical and process industries by engineers and technologists in the design phase, and by operations and maintenance staff once facilities are up and running. It is suitable for anyone interested in how drawings should be interpreted, created, maintained, and used in assessing emergency situations and regulatory compliance issues. The combination of classroom instruction and workshop exercises focuses on critical documentation essential to the safe day-to-day operation of facilities (e.g., P&ID, PFD, Plot Plan, Electrical Area Classification, Piping Drawing, Isometric Drawing, Line List, Tie-In List and Shutdown Keys).

Who Should Attend

  1. Facilities, Operations and Maintenance Professionals

  2. Fresh Engineers

  3. I & C, Mechanical Engineers and Technologists

  4. Professionals responsible for Process Hazards Analysis, HAZOP studies or Safeguarding studies

  5. Health & Safety / HSE Professionals

Course Outline

  1. Introduction

  2. Preliminary Engineering Drawings

  3. Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams

  4. Interpreting P&IDs – Valves

  5. Interpreting P&IDs – Equipment

  6. Interpreting P&IDs – Control and Safety Systems

  7. Detailed Engineering Drawings

  8. Engineering Drawings for Construction and Operation

Course Agenda

Day One

1.    Introduction 2.    Preliminary engineering drawings >>> Block flow diagram (BFD) >>> Process flow diagram (PFD) >>> Material balance >>> PFD symbols 3.     Piping and instrumentation diagrams >>> Piping and instrumentation diagram (P&ID) >>> P&ID symbols >>> Line numbering >>> Valve numbering >>> Equipment identification >>> Abbreviations 4.    Interpreting P&IDs – valves >>> Valve types >>> Valve identification >>> Valve fittings 5.     Interpreting P&IDs – equipment >>> Vessels >>> Pumps >>> Heat exchangers >>> Compressors >>> Equipment identification 6.     Drawing interpretation workshop #1

Day Two

7.    Interpreting P&IDs – control & safety systems >>> Distributed control systems (DCS) >>> Safety instrument system (sis) >>> Instrument symbols >>> Instrument signal lines >>> Pressure instruments >>> Temperature instruments >>> Flow instruments 8.    Detailed engineering drawings >>> Plot plan >>> Electrical area classification >>> Piping drawing >>> Isometric >>> Material take off >>> Line list

>>> Tie-in list >>> Shutdown key 9.    Drawing interpretation workshop #2 10.  Engineering drawings for construction and operation >>> Developing as-builds >>> Preparing for a PHA (HAZOP, what-if, etc) >>> Management of change (MOC) 11.  Texvyn exercise 12.  Smart P&ID

Enrollment Details

Course Title: P&ID Engineering Drawing Interpretation Workshop

Course Duration: 20 Hrs. Total Intake: 30 Nos.

Enrollment Link:!workshop/c2049


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