Texvyn’s "Product Design Engineering" seeks to equip graduates with a comprehensive understanding of the product creation process. This consists of training them in a systematic approach to the development and construction of products as well as fundamental and specific methods in the mechanical engineering and mechatronics domains. As a result they are able to systematically plan, organize, implement and evaluate complex development projects in multidisciplinary teams. Their deep knowledge base and competence in various methodologies is expanded upon further through various selected individual specialist areas from Development and Construction e.g. production systems. These specialty choices allow students to configure their course according to their own future career goals.

Short video showcasing the scope of Mechanical Engineers working at Google.

The product development field distinguishes itself from others in that a system-independent understanding of principles, processes and methods is necessary to accurately appraise their feasibility for specific technical products. Product Design Engineering course takes these requirements into account.


Our PDE consist of below modules -

  • Introduction to Product Design Process

  • Product Design Specification

  • Planning & Scheduling

  • Conceptual Design

  • Detail Product Design [Tools: AutoCAD, PTC CREO, ANSYS]

  • Design for Manufacturing & Assemblies [DFM/DFA]

  • Additive Manufacturing & Prototype

  • Design for Reliability

  • Human Factors in Design

  • Product Structure [ADD-ON]

  • Reverse Engineering [ADD-ON]

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