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Learning Experience

Our technical learning programs enable you to advance your career by helping you up-skill yourself and excel in a career you want to be. Live-interactive sessions with their recordings available post session, allowing you to learn anytime & anywhere.

Online Learning - The Process

At Texvyn Technologies we offer wide-ranging resources to enhance your learning experience  and help you get the most out of your online program.

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Live Lectures

The live & interactive session provide you with traditional classroom experience and allow you to interact with mentor and other participants. Program content will be taught to you with the series of live session & key pointers of each module. Live sessions can be recorded & can be referred at a later date.


Digital Learning

Digital Learning is an initiative to provide you with access of technical literature, whitepapers, case studies, archived project documents, journals etc. It is a virtual repository of learning resources available to you, for getting a indepth understanding of the programs and modules that you are studying.

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Discussion Arena

Get an opportunity to interact & engage with students coming from different country & varied professional background. Sharpen your knowledge by initiating the discussion & posting a topic relevant to the subject and get an different approach to the topic with the help of views posted by other participants.

Learning Resources

Our precise collection of lectures and study materials will guide you through the course and provide you with the insights needed.

Lecture Presentation

Presentations and lectures are effective methods for transferring information. Presentations at Texvyn are prepared by the faculty to aid quick and easy learning for the participants' and can be accessed from anywhere. These presentations are a part of the Texvyn study material and enable students to understand topics in a concise format. 


Case Study Learning

Case study can provide the necessary platform for students to communicate and collaborate about a real life project scenario. At Texvyn case studies are an essential part of the learning experience and they provide clear insights into the problem-solving approach that an organization takes. The case studies are based on archived projects.


E-Books & Software

In order to give our participants with in-depth understanding and effective learning experience, we ensure that you gets an access to subject related learning material in form of e-books & dedicated tool access to build your expertise with regular practice. The study material provided during the course are the extracts from renowned reference books.


The Community

Job Lens.png

Job Lens

Job Lens by Texvyn is the digital job board platform to publish the latest job openings & growth opportunities for engineers in India & Abroad. Currently its hosted on telegram.



Evolve is an open community for core engineering professionals to share ideas and seek help. Also get the latest information on Texvyn Events. Currently its hosted on telegram

The Hub_Texvyn.png

The Hub

Texvyn Hub, an initiative to create a vibrant space where you could network and chat with other like-minded engineering folks with the freedom to learn, tech and chill, all under one space.

Learning to make an impact

To make your learning experience impactful we focus on three key insights i.e. understand, respond & practice.



Build a strategic expertise through post session assignments designed to enhance analytical & cognitive abilities

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Active Learning

Reinforce the real potential of the course content with the help of application based learning methodology

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