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Gain expertise in designing a new facility or to expand or modify an existing facility of a process plant

Plant Design - Essential Learning Programs


Process Design & Detail Engineering

The course covers the key elements of process design engineering that should be known by Chemical Engineers and those who are interested in this field.


Piping Design & Detail Engineering

The course is designed to provide you in-depth knowledge of Piping Designing. This Course is a perfect combination of theoretical & practical knowledge.

Electrical Design & Detail Engineering

Electrical design program includes, substation design, Transmission and Distribution line design, and electrical system design & analysis software’s for complete electrical design.


Instrumentation Design Course

The course provides advance learnings and skills on Instrumentation Design Engineering for Oil & Gas sector, it also includes key principles and concepts used in Design & Detailing.

Plant Design

Static Equipment Design Course

This course  gives detail knowledge on the design & analysis of the static equipment's which includes design terminologies, standards, calculations, material selection etc.

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Rotary Equipment Design Course

This course focus on selection of rotating equipment's and drivers with their integration into the process scheme and control strategy in oil and gas facilities.

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Plant Design - Advance Learning Programs

Process Simulation Course

This course deliver fundamental and advanced techniques and tools for the design, modelling and optimization of process plants, also learn to model and simulate the industrial processes.

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Heat Exchanger Design Course

This course provides detailed understanding of heat exchangers technology. It covers thermal and mechanical calculation methods used to design exchangers.

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Smartplant Instrumentation

Course is designed for instrumentation specialists involved in the definition and specification of instrumentation and control systems using the SmartPlant Instrumentation software.


Pipe Stress Analysis Course

The course provides detail learning on analytical method to determine how a piping system behaves based on its material, pressure, temperature, fluid, and support.

Electrical Design & Simulation Course

The course delivers an integrated electrical engineering learning including arc flash, load flow, short circuit, transient stability, optimal power flow, and more.


CAE Design Course

This course delivers Finite Element Modeling and Analysis, where user can generate any dimensional (1D, 2D, and 3D) and FE models, perform analysis, and generate results of the analysis.


Plant Design - 2D Drafting & 3D Modeling Program

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Piping 3D Modeling Course

The aim of this training is to provide knowledge of the common features that provide the ‘Foundations & Utilities ’ for the different 3D Modeling software modules [PDMS / E3D / SP3D]

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SmartPlant P&ID Course

The Smart Plant P&ID training intend to provide users with the knowledge of developing data driven, rule based, intelligent Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams.

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