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Texvyn Placement Terms

Texvyn Technologies focuses on ‘Employment Driven Education’ and equips all our participants with skills required to become employable professionals in the core engineering sectors. Below are the terms on which we provide placement to all our participants - 

  • Placement assistance is completely depended on market situation & job availability in required segment.

  • Students are required to note that the Placement Services is a complimentary facility offered by the Institution and cannot be construed as a guarantee of a job offer.

  • Placement / Recruitment details will be communicated to the students by means of email, mobile app or direct call.

  • For active placement support all our participants are requested to join JOBLENS [Job reference group available on WHATSAPP & TELEGRAM].

  • Placements process are not time bound & completely depends on availability of job position with partner & external companies.

  • Texvyn will provide all sought of support in drafting applicants resume's, helping with technical interview tips, mock interview sessions etc.

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