Electrical Design Engineering

Duration: 120 Hrs | Delivery Mode: Online / Classroom

Become an expert electrical design engineer, get trained in cutting edge technologies and work on real-life industry grade projects.

Eligibility: B. Tech / M. Tech in Electrical Engineering

Basic of Electrical Engineering

  1. Single phase system and poly phase system and their importance.

  2. Power generation, Transmission, Distribution and utilization.

  3. Co-ordination with Process, Piping, Civil, Mechanical & Instrumentation Dept.

Module 1

Development of Single Line Diagram [SLD]

  1. Key SLD.

  2. Details SLD.

  3. Lighting system SLD.

  4. Small power SLD.

  5. Metering and Control diagram

Module 2

Control Schematics

  1. An Introduction.

  2. Block Diagram.

  3. Typical Schematics for Motor Feeder.

  4. Typical Schematics for Power Feeder.

  5. Typical Schematics for Transformer Feeder.

Module 3

Equipment Sizing, Selection, Specification, Data Sheet, VDR and Testing

  1. Generator & Transformer.

  2. Motor.

  3. Power capacitor banks.

  4. Instrument Transformer (CT/PT).

  5. DC Battery, Battery charger & UPS Sizing.

  6. Switch Gears.

Module 4

Fault Calculation

  1. Load flow Studies.

  2. Types of Faults.

  3. Short Circuit Calculation.

Module 5

Cable Selection and Sizing

  1. Power Cable & Control Cable Introduction.

  2. Cable Selection.

  3. Cable Sizing for LV/HV System.

  4. Voltage drop calculation.

  5. Cable schedule.

  6. Cable Interconnection Schedule.

  7. Selection and Sizing of Cable Tray.

  8. Cable Tray Schedule.

Module 6

Illumination Design

  1. Introduction.

  2. Type of Lighting Fixtures.

  3. Preparing Fixture Schedule.

  4. Indoor Illumination Calculation.

  5. Outdoor Illumination Calculation.

  6. Lighting Layout Design.

  7. Lighting Installation Detail.

  8. Small Power Selection.

  9. Lighting Board Schedule.

Module 7

Earthing & Lightening Protection Design

  1. Requirement of Earthing in Industrial Plants.

  2. Earthing Design Calculations.

  3. Earthing Installations Details.

  4. Type Of Earthing Details.

  5. Earthing Layout Design.

  6. Lightening Protection Requirement.

  7. Lightening Protection Calculation.

  8. Lightning Protection Systems Fundamentals.

  9. System Components.

  10. Installation of Lightning Protection Systems.

  11. Grounding for Lightning, Transient Overvoltage and Static Protection.

Module 8

Substation/Switchyard Design

  1. Introduction.

  2. Type Of Sub Stations.

  3. Equipment Layout.

  4. Types of Various Bus Arrangement.

  5. Preparation of SLD.

Module 9

Solar PV Power Plant Design

  1. Introduction.

  2. Type Of Solar Plants.

  3. Equipment Selection.

  4. AC, DC Distribution System Design.

Module 10
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ADD-ON Programs - Available with Detail Engineering Program


ETAP - Electrical Design

Duration: 60 Hrs

An unique program designed to cater skill requirements of professional instrumentation engineers.


Electrical CAD

Duration: 40 Hrs.

Create, modify and document electrical controls systems with an industry-specific toolset for electrical design.


EPLAN - Electric P8

Duration: 60 Hrs.

EPLAN is electrical engineering software for the planning and documentation of electrical design projects.

Note: Above listed programs are the add-on modules which can be avail with the main program or can be enrolled separately as well. For more details contact our program executive.