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At Texvyn Technologies, our mission is to create knowledge with enduring impact, and educate current and future engineers.

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What is Texvyn Technologies?

Texvyn Technologies is an online virtual academy for the new age engineers who deserve to attain excel in their career. Texvyn Technologies aims to be a global talent-solutions company offering integrated practical knowledge to meet the growing demand for quality talent. We offer an intensive courses in core engineering segment dealing with Oil & Gas, Power, Water Treatment, Chemical , Petro-chemical and  Healthcare sectors through interactive live classes delivered by top engineering professionals and subject matter experts. The precisely drafted curriculum enhances the skills of entry & mid level engineers by offering a modern course content with exposure to the latest design tools. Texvyn Technologies is also a registered NCS [National Career Service - Ministry of Labor & Employment] skilling center.

Who are our Faculties?

The mentors at Texvyn Technologies are more than just forerunners in their areas of learning and expertise; they are the academic strength that nurtures & empower the future engineers across the world. All our faculty members are backed with 15 - 20 years of engineering experience in their respective domains & well versed with leading engineering tools which are used at various stages of engineering projects. Faculty at Texvyn gains their global recognition for more than just their revolutionary transformation within their industry; it is also for the valuable contributions they make to the ever-evolving engineering practices across the world. They are active professionals within engineering industries across the world that help them shape the curriculum and teaching methodologies to best suit the demands of the leading multi-national companies.

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What we do?

Texvyn Technologies conducts an online instructor led program that effectively enhances the domain essential technical skills of an engineering professional. We teach our students all the relevant skills needed in an entry & mid level engineering jobs, mentor them to crack recruitment processes and also provide them with referrals to the best opportunities in the oil & gas and different process plant industries across the globe. Students at Texvyn spend an average of 2 - 4 hours for an online sessions, learning and practicing their skills. We provide our students an direct access to an industry expert from top engineering companies who act as their instructors, mentors, teaching assistants and career coaches. 

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Why we do?

In early year of our establishment when Texvyn Technologies was just a recruitment driven business, we support young engineers to better their chances of working with leading engineering companies. Since 2012, we have assisted more than 3000 engineering graduates by helping them to get their dream jobs in leading engineering companies. More than 50 engineering organizations today trust us with their technical recruitment. During the process we'd realized early on that most graduates we engage with are capable of achieving even greater things with the right guidance. The only thing missing was an access to instructors and mentors from the industry, who would not only teach them the essential skills but also guide them in their careers. This led us to launch Texvyn Training Programs back in December 2014. From our past experience we understand that capable individuals can build their dream careers if we bridge the gap between their theoretical knowledge and technical industry specific skills. And that's what we do at Texvyn Technologies.

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Want to start the Learning and Development Transformation journey? Look no further & Connect with us !!

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