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SmartPlant Instrumentation Course - SPI [INTOOLS]

SmartPlant Instrumentation, also known as SPI or INTOOLS offers a single engineering & design environment to create and manage instrumentation data across the lifecycle and consistently manage change across required deliverables. SmartPlant Instrumentation course at ICL will enable students to learn how to define the instruments using SmartPlant Instrumentation software as per the specifications of project deliverable's. Defining a complete instrument configuration from loop to DCS. SmartPlant Instrumentation, the industry-leading instrumentation solution, facilitates increased productivity and lowered risks on project execution for the EPC and a single source of all instrumentation data access for plant owners to help lower cost of operations and increase process uptime.

Program Starting From : July 27, 2024


60 Hrs. | 03 - 04 Weeks

Weekdays & weekend batches available


Online Session

Live & interactive sessions with industry experts


08 Modules + Project

Industry vetted curriculum designed to boost your career

Program Objective

Upon successful completion of this course, the delegates will be able to:​

  • Define, Create and Initialize Domains.

  • Admin and Domain Administration Sections.

  • Creating Domain Administration Configurations.

  • Create Plant hierarchy, Loop and Tag Conventions.

  • Create Loops and Tags based on the Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID).

  • Create Instrument Index.

  • Working with SPI Preferences in 19 Sections.

  • Setting up User and Group Preferences.

  • Creating Instrument Data Sheets, and Instrument Specifications.

  • Generating Different Reports and Instrument summaries.

  • Performing Instrumentation Sizing and Calculations including Valves and Flow Element sensors.

  • Creating Loop Drawings & Hookup Drawings.

  • Apply piping system codes and standards.

SmartPlant Instrumentation Course Agenda

Start your upskilling journey with our guided curriculum with application based learning approach.

Module 01 | System and Project Administration Overview

  • Introduction to SPI - INTOOLS.

  • User Interface & Modules.

  • Creating a New Project.

  • Basic Introduction to SPI Database

Module 02 | Instrumentation Engineering Activities

  • P&ID Documents

  • What is "Instrument Type" in Smart Plant Instrumentation?

  • What is Device Panel in SPI and how to set it up successfully?

  • DP Transmitter Flow Set up

  • Device Panel positioners

  • Project 1 : Create and Modify the Instrument Types of the Selected List

  • Create Instrument Loops.

  • Tag and Loop using Instrument Index Module in SPI.

  • Duplicating a Loop and its tags in SPI.

Module 03 | Wiring Operations in SPI

  • Wiring Introduction.

  • Junction Box Definition.

  • Marshalling Cabinet Definition.

  • DCS Cabinet Definition FREE PREVIEW.

  • Junction Box in Domain Explorer.

  • Reference Cable Definition.

  • Reference Cable in Domain Explorer.

  • Making Connections.

  • Field Side Connections to the Marshalling Cabinet.

  • DCS Side Connections to the Marshalling Cabinet.

  • Performing Cross Wiring.

  • Adding New Instrument.

  • Connect New Instrument.

Module 04 | Generating Engineering Deliverables

  • Instrument Index: Creating, Modifying & Deleting Loops, Tags, Instrument Types etc.

  • Browser: Creating, Modifying & Deleting Browser Views, Filters & Saving to Excel.

  • Calculations: Performing sizing calculations.

  • Data Sheets: Process Data Reports, Interface With Other SPI Modules.

  • Specification Sheets: Creating & Modifying Specification Sheets.

  • Wiring 1: Creating new default & production wiring objects (panels, strips, terminals, apparatus, cables).

  • Wiring 2: Connecting Objects, Signals, General Signal.

  • Enhanced Smart Loop: Symbols, Symbol Libraries, Layouts, Templates & Title Blocks.

  • Cable Schedules, Reporting, Cross Wiring & IO Allocations.

Module 05 | Hook-up Drawings & Loop Drawings

  • Apply Generation Methods & Generating a Loop

  • Associating Hook-up and Instruments.

  • Viewing symbol contents.

  • Associating Items with Hookups.

Module 06 | SPI Essential Module

  • Instrument Index.

  • Working with Spec Sheets.

  • Foundation Fieldbus.

  • System & Project Administration Overview.

  • Instrument Index.

  • Browser Views.

  • Process Data.

  • Calculations Module.

  • Instrument Specification Module.

  • Wiring Module.

  • Loop Diagrams.

  • Hookups (Installation Details.

Module 07 | Project Work

  • System and Project Administration Overview.

  • Instrument Index.

  • Browser Views.

  • Process Data.

  • Calculations Module.

  • Specifications.

  • Wiring Module.

  • Loop Diagrams.

  • Hookups (Installation Details).

Module 08 | Project Work

  • Mid Term Assignments.

  • Project Work.

Who Will Benefit

College Students & Recent

Prepare for your next opportunity by pursuing process design skills from industry experts

Those Considering for Post Graduation

Strengthen your core technical skills before pursuing an MBA, M-Tech or other specialization program

Experienced & Mid-Career Professionals

Broaden your learning horizon & upskill to supercharge your career & to amplify your growth opportunities

Career Options

Smart Plant Instrumentation (SPI) also known as INtools is a the leading & default engineering software in Instrumentation management, control valve and orifice plate sizing, instrumentation data sheet, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) wiring, PLC-DCS I/O assignment, and many more. There will be always a demand for instrumentation professionals having expertise with SmartPlant Instrumentation at user & admin level.

Program Eligibility

Bachelor’s Degree in Instrumentation Engineering or Diploma in Instrumentation Engineering with relevant work experience from any recognized University or an equivalent degree recognized by Association of Indian Universities (AIU) with minimum 50% marks at Graduation Level.

Program Fees

For details on program fee structure & payment terms, write us at or call us on +91-7021588256


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