SmartPlant Instrumentation

Duration: 60 Hrs | Delivery Mode: Online / Classroom

Become an expert SPI design engineer, get trained in cutting edge technologies and work on real-life industry grade projects.

Eligibility: B. Tech / M. Tech in Instrumentation Engineering

System & Project Administration Overview

  1. Introduction to SPI - INTOOLS.

  2. User Interface Modules.

  3. Creating New Project.

  4. Basic Introduction to SPI Database.

Module 1

Working with SmartPlant Instrumentation

  1. Process Instrumentation Documents.

  2. Instrument Types in SmartPlant Instrumentation.

  3. Setting up device panel in SmartPlant Instrumentation.

  4. DP Transmitter Flow Set up.

  5. Device Panel Positioners.

  6. Creating Instrument Loops.

  7. TAG & LOOP using Instrument Index Module.

  8. Duplicating Loop & its Tags in SmartPlant Instrumentation

Module 2

Wiring Operations in SmartPlant Instrumentation

  1. Introduction to Instrumentation Wiring.

  2. Junction Box Defination.

  3. Marshalling Cabinet Definition.

  4. DCS Cabinet Definition FREE PREVIEW.

  5. Junction Box in Domain Explorer.

  6. Reference Cable Definition.

  7. Reference Cable in Domain Explorer.

  8. Making Connections.

  9. Field Side Connections to the Marshalling Cabinet.

  10. DCS Side Connections to the Marshalling Cabinet.

  11. Performing Cross Wiring.

  12. Adding New Instrument.

  13. Connect New Instrument.

Module 3

Generating Loop Drawings

  1. Defining instrument type profile (FI, FE, FT, PI, PT, ZV, PSH, etc.).

  2. Defining reference wiring for a field device.

  3. Creating Loops with Tag Using the Domain Explorer.

  4. Defining a Loop and Add Tag Numbers.

  5. Adding a Tag Number to an Existing Loop.

  6. Creating a Loop with a Single Instrument Tag (including how to find a loop).

  7. Duplicating a Loop.

  8. Creating Loops and Tag Numbers in Batch Mode.

  9. Creating Plant Loops in Batch Mode.

  10. Searching for a Specific Loop and View Loop Tag Properties.

  11. Finding for an Existing Loop

Module 4

Hook-up Drawings

  1. Setting Preferences for Enhanced Hook-Up Drawings.

  2. Creating Hook-Up Libraries and Items.

  3. Creating Hook-Ups and Assigning them to Instruments.

  4. Associating Items with the Hook-Ups.

  5. Generating a Bill of Material (BOM) and a Hook-Up Drawing

Module 5

Other Essential Modules

  1. Instrument Index.

  2. Working with Spec Sheet.

  3. Foundation Fieldbus.

  4. Hook-Up and Installation details of Pressure Instrument's.

  5. Calculation Module - Overview.

  6. Document Binder.

  7. Report Generator.

Module 6

Project Work

  1. Project 1 : Create and Modify the Instrument Types of the Selected List.

  2. Project 2 : Archived Industry Project

Module 7

SmartPlant Instrumentation [Revision]

  1. System and Project Administration Overview.

  2. Instrument Index.

  3. Browser Views.

  4. Process Data.

  5. Calculations.

  6. Specifications.

  7. Wiring.

  8. Loop Diagrams.

  9. Hookups (Installation Details).

  10. Archived Project

Module 8
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