Process Design Engineering

Duration: 150 Hrs | Delivery Mode: Online / Classroom

Become an expert process design engineer, get trained in cutting edge technologies and work on real-life industry grade projects.

Eligibility: B. Tech / M. Tech in Chemical Engineering

Process Design Engineering - An Introduction

  1. Role of Process Engineer.

  2. Work flow chart in EPC & Process Design Deliverables.

  3. Introduction to Basic Engineering Package & Front End Engineering Design..

  4. Oil & Gas Industry - Upstream | Mid Stream | Down Stream.

  5. Projects in Oil & Gas/Process Industry

Module 1

Working as Process Design Engineer

Module 2
  1. PFD - Process Flow Diagram [Oil & Gas / Process Industry].

  2. Pressure Drop Calculations.

  3. Heat - Mass Balance Diagram

Line Sizing & Other Process Calculations

  1. Line Sizing Principle.

  2. Line Sizing [Liquid - Gas - Two Phase].

  3. Line Sizing Guidelines & Criteria.

  4. Developing Spread sheet for Line Sizing & Other Calculations.

Module 3

Piping & Instrumentation Diagram [P&ID]

  1. Introduction to P&ID and its Legend.

  2. Developing P&ID from PFD.

  3. Important guidelines /philosophy while developing P&ID.

  4. P&ID Components - Equipment's, Instruments, Piping [Process & Utility].

  5. Typical P&ID arrangements & Instrumentation philosophy.

  6. P&ID Reports like Line List, Equipment List, Instrumentation List etc.

  7. P&ID and its relevance with other disciplines.

Module 4

Pump Hydraulics & Valve Sizing

  1. Pump Hydraulics & Characteristics.

  2. Pump Minimum Flow Sizing.

  3. Study of Pump Characteristics Curve.

  4. Study of Pump Efficiency & Flow Curve.

  5. Automation & Process Control.

  6. Control Valve Sizing.

  7. Case Study.

Module 5

Pressure Safety Valve

  1. PSV - Guideline & Sizing Criteria.

  2. PSV Sizing Calculation.

  3. PSV - Technical Scenarios.

  4. Study : API 521 [Guidelines] | API 520 [Sizing & Installation].

  5. Line Sizing Guidelines & Criteria.

Module 6

Process Equipment Sizing

  1. Two Phase Separator Sizing.

  2. Three Phase Separator Sizing.

  3. API Reference for Equipment Sizing.

  4. Process Datasheet for Equipment's

Module 7

Heat Exchanger Design

  1. Design Principle.

  2. Condenser Design.

  3. Study on Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger Design.

  4. TEMA Standard & its Application.

  5. 10/13 Rule - Heat Exchanger.

  6. Design of Heat Exchanger on HTRI

Module 8

Distillation Column Design

  1. An Introduction.

  2. Tray Column [Valve Trays].

  3. Application of KG Tower Software.

  4. Guideline for Distillation Column Sizing.

  5. Automation & Process Control.

  6. Control Valve Sizing.

  7. Case Study.

Module 9

Process Modeling & Simulation Study

  1. Introduction to Process Simulation.

  2. Property Package to Define a Fluid Package.

  3. Parameters required in order to execute Flash Calculations.

  4. Modify and Set Desired Units of Measure.

  5. Review Stream Analysis Options.

  6. Case Studies.

Module 10

Practice Project & Program Closing

  1. Process Design Basis.

  2. Preparation of Various Process Deliverables.

  3. Revision.

  4. Q&A Session.

  5. Mock Interview

Module 11
Note: Our program content are regularly updated. Contact our program executive for updated learning agenda & upcoming batch schedule. 

ADD-ON Programs - Available with Detail Engineering Program


Process Simulation

Duration: 30 Hrs

Maximize safety throughout and profits by optimizing the entire site in one environment using industry-validated simulation tool.


HTRI Training

Duration: 30 Hrs.

Software for heat transfer equipment used by operating companies, engineering contractors, exchanger fabricators, and related industries. 

Intelligent P&ID

Duration: 25 Hrs.

P&IDs data populate in the underlying SmartPlant project database. The idea is that you can use this database to get reports (like line lists, valve lists, etc.)

Note: Above listed programs are the add-on modules which can be avail with the main program or can be enrolled separately as well. For more details contact our program executive.