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Texvyn Program Categories

Basic Engineering Programs

Basic Training Modules are meant for focusing on the elementary skills essential for all disciplines within engineering.  The learner will gain the knowledge and hands-on skills needed to develop or build on a successful career in engineering and advanced manufacturing.

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Product Design Engineering

This module prepares you for the dynamically creative profession where the boundaries and definitions are constantly challenged. The Product & Industrial Design course will prepare you well to meet these dynamic challenges in the creative industry.

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Process Plant Design

Process Plant Design courses designed to help individuals and organisations to reach and stay at the leading edge of engineering and technology. All our Process Plant Design program makes a personnel productive from day one.

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Professional Programs

The Professional Program offers its students the opportunity to discover what leadership in the engineering environment embodies & what today dynamic job market demands.

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Texvyn's Structured Learning Program

Live & Interactive Sessions

Personalize Learning Sessions

Post Training Career Support

Industry Vetted Curriculum

Industry Projects & Case Studies

Flexible Learning Options


Texvyn Alumni Working With Leading Engineering Companies


The future belongs to you!

Build a strong career trajectory with Texvyn Technologies

“Students at Texvyn Technologies are assured that their learning meets the skilling requirements essential for today’s engineering professional. Online & Virtual Learning Programs delivered at Texvyn Technologies are at-par & designed by highly experienced engineering & subject experts and thus received due recognition by top engineering companies in India and abroad”

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