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Happy New Year to you all!!

We at Texvyn Technologies wish everyone the best of health and happiness as we welcome 2021.

While facing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world changed dramatically last year and academic & vocational learning too were greatly affected. As a stopgap measure to cope with the crisis, at Texvyn Technologies, we temporarily closed our learning centres and switched to holding classes online. Similarly, at our partner institutes, sessions were conducted in virtual classrooms.

We hope that this year will be one in which we all can overcome our fears and prevail over this adversity, and furthermore, be a year in which Texvyn with all our eminent faculties & our training partners will grow to become even more resilient and robust.

Worldwide, people are all being forced apart and driven into isolation, but the internet, which allows activities such online meetings and sharing information and content on social media, has been instrumental in keeping us all connected. We at Texvyn too are adapting for new educational and training models that will take advantage of this technology to simultaneously conduct both in-person and online learning.

As we set foot into a new year, we at Texvyn will continue to do our utmost to deliver best in class learning experience to all our current & future participants. We will also begin with innovative interdisciplinary learning methodology, the details for the same will be shared in our future posts. But for all that, we are ever mindful that little can be achieved on our own. With this in mind, we kindly ask for your continued guidance, encouragement, and support in 2021.

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