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Advance SmartPlant Instrumentation Program

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Smart Plant Instrumentation® powered by INtools® is extensively used in various industries to help engineers to automate complex processes, and minimize human mistakes. At Texvyn our experienced Control & Instrumentation engineers who have used SPI throughout the years, and put together a comprehensive course that helps students to get familiar with the SPI and its use in industry. The following items are covered in this course-

  • Define, create and initialize domains.

  • Admin and Domain Administration Sections.

  • Creating Domain Administration configurations.

  • Create Plant hierarchy, loop and tag conventions.

  • Create teams, groups and individual engineers to handle different parts of the SPI.

  • Create Loops and Tags based on the Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID).

  • Create Instrument Index.

  • Working with SPI preferences in 19 sections.

  • Setting up user and group preferences.

  • Creating Instrument Data Sheets, and Instrument Specifications.

  • Generating different reports and Instrument summaries.

  • Performing Instrumentation Sizing and calculations including Valves and Flow Element sensors.

  • Creating Loop Drawings.

  • Creating Hookup Drawings.


Key Features of Training: