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Tech companies tap core engineering talent to cater to changing needs

Capgemini, which has set up two technology labs in Paris and Mumbai to develop 5G technology services, will look to increase talent in emerging technology areas.

Mumbai: IT services providers are diversifying their talent pool to include more mechanical and electronics engineers. This is to cater to emerging service segments such as internet of things, industrial automation and 5G technology, all of which require core-engineering skills. Indian technology firms have traditionally preferred to hire computer science engineers. But, increased business from services related to design engineering and IoT consulting have meant the software services providers recruiting more graduates with core engineering skills.

“The whole space of industrial engineering will be the bigger trend. For five years, the trend was more digital, on the chief marketing officer side. Now, bigger investments will come from a chief manufacturing officer or a chief production officer,” said Ashwin Yardi, CEO of Capgemini India, which plans to hire up to 15,000 graduates from Indian campuses by 2021. Capgemini, which has set up two technology labs in Paris and Mumbai to develop 5G technology services, will look to increase talent in emerging technology areas. Within its ‘digital engineering and manufacturing services’ division, the company designs hardware components and software components embedded in hardware for clients including a large aircraft manufacturer. The work involves mechanical engineering skills, including design engineering and prototyping. “We have a diverse workforce-…probably it will increase with a bigger focus,” Yardi said. “A lot of IT companies have invested in ‘left shifting’ technology development for them, so a lot of us go to campuses and teach them Java even before they graduate… (Earlier) we didn’t bother if they had mechanical skills or not, but with this, we must go back and see how good mechanical engineers are,” he said.

‘Shift-left’ is an approach where software testing is performed earlier in the software development process in order to quickly prevent errors.

Tech Mahindra has also been recruiting engineers with core skills for a few of its service domains. “We have been hiring non-computer engineering graduates for some time now, mainly in domains including network services, oil and gas and infrastructure management,” said Harshvendra Soin, chief people officer, Tech Mahindra. “…their core expertise and knowledge in the field of mechanical communications engineering is an advantage for us,” he added.

The prevalence of low-code, no-code platforms, which allow software developers and coders with limited skillsets in coding and computer languages, has also helped in recruiting candidates with varied educational backgrounds. Sanjay Jalona, CEO of L&T Infotech said, “The rise of exponential technologies, along with progress made on low-code or no-code platforms is opening new avenues for job seekers. We are increasingly able to welcome more candidates from non-engineering backgrounds like liberal arts and areas as wide-ranging as design, statistics, finance and industry vertical specialists.”

This shifting career trend will be more beneficial to core engineering branches like Mechanical & Electrical/Electronics. If you willing to shape your career to be a part of this new emerging industry by grabbing a right skills & technical know of latest industry software's, get in touch with us for complete career guidance & support till you achieve your dream job.

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