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An established Engineering Center consists of disciplines customized to conduct plant EPC including Process, Machinery, Static, Piping, Electrical, Control & Instrument, Civil & Architecture and Fire Fighting. Work is performed by an expert engineers of each discipline and inter-disciplinary checking system is in place to minimize design errors at each engineering stage.

Design is the starting point of plant construction, which consists of the following engineering stages. Feasibility Study (prior to project materialization) → Basic Process Design → FEED(Front End Engineering Design) → Detail Design. This categorization differs by project, country, or company, however, general categorization goes as below -

Basic Process Design entails development of process design of the plant. During this stage, Basic function and concept of the plant is established through development of overall material balance, heat balance and specification of major equipment, electrical and C&I items.

During FEED stage, basic design of major components and layout is developed and fed back to the process design to optimize functional requirements of the facility. Machinery, Electrical, and C&I discipline request for vendor's quotation for critical items. Piping and CSA determines the plant layout and the required buildings, roads, and etc.

During Detail Design stage, construction drawings (basic drawings, structure drawings, electrical, C&I, piping drawings, etc.) are developed. Based on the FEED, construction drawings including vendor information of the actual equipment and instruments are developed.

The EPC sector includes the engineering, procurement & construction offers wide range of multi-discipline employment opportunities. To get your self employed with EPC industries a personnel require an extensive training, education, and skills. At Texvyn Technologies, we provide extensive skill trainings for Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical & Instrumentation Engineers. This skills are essential to built successful career in EPC & oil & gas sector.

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