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Lets Cuts Your Job Search Efforts in Half with JOBPULSE

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

We all know that job search can be more exhausting process most of the time. And for today’s professionals who may be looking to advance their career every few years, it can be never ending pain.

It goes something like this:

You’re browsing for new jobs through Naukri, Monster, Indeed or Linkedin. You login to these portal more frequently because you don’t want the ideal job to slip by, just because you weren’t paying attention. When you find an online job posting that seems like a good fit, you apply, sending your resume into a black hole.

Most of the time the job posting which are listed on job portal are not for immediate hiring, its just a preparation for tentative future hiring which may get in place if company gets the expected work load, else the open positions are just kept on HOLD. So mostly after applying to desired jobs, you may or may not hear back & as the time passes you forget about it & start hunting with other companies.

With the above process you might have gotten the job—only to realize after awhile that this isn’t the right job (or career) for you. Start from the top.

It’s overwhelming, exhausting and worst of all: discouraging.

Unfortunately, you’re playing a guessing game, which needs to STOP & do some REALITY CHECK!!

Reality Check:

In India 75% of genuine jobs are not posted online & what eve