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Instrumentation Design Engineering

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

A Professional Learning Program for Instrumentation Engineers


Instrumentation play important role in chemical process plants and various other industries where instrumentation used as controlling and monitoring of various operations. Control system is a part of instrumentation and instrumentation design deals with specifications of equipment, layouts, wiring schematics, instrument index etc. All these activities handle by the instrumentation Design Engineer.

Fresher engineers from instrumentation and electronics background do not know about instrumentation Design fields and its career aspects. Process Instrumentation Design Engineering Course provide by the Texvyn Technologies to enhances the skills of the students by giving him practical knowledge of selection, installation and commissioning of industrial instrumentation and control valves with its specifications, layouts, wiring schematics, instrument index.

Direct Acting Solenoid Valve Working - Animation

Key Program Content

  1. Introduction to Process Plant Engineering.

  2. Process Instrumentation

  3. Controllers

  4. Analyzers & Control Valves

  5. Instrument Index

  6. Instrument Location Plan Details

  7. Process Data sheets and Specification

  8. Instrument Data Sheets

  9. Instrument Wiring Layout

  10. Instrument Air Routing Layout

  11. Logic Diagrams

  12. Loop Drawing

  13. Loop Wiring Diagram

  14. I/O List for DCS

  15. JB Layout

  16. Cable Schedule

  17. Cable Tray Layout

  18. Hook-Up Drawing

Software Covered: InstruCalc & Smartplant Instrumentation [INTools]

Vortex Damper

Add-On Courses

SmartPlant Instrumentation [INTools]:

This course is designed for instrumentation specialists involved in the definition and specification of instrumentation and control systems using the SmartPlant Instrumentation software. In this course, students learn how to define the instruments using SmartPlant Instrumentation as per the specifications of project deliverable’s.


InstruCalc 9.0

InstruCalc 9.0 calculates the sizes of control valves, flow elements, and relief devices; produces data sheets for calculated items; and prepares instrument summaries and uses data sheets as a database for generating reports. The Control valve and Flow element modules calculate, display and print graphs of your calculations. InstruCalc 9.0 allows you to select any set of engineering units, including your own customized set. Units can be mixed, matched and changed in the middle of a calculation. InstruCalc 9.0 calculates process data at flow conditions for 54 fluids in either mixtures or single components and 66 gases in either mixtures or single components. Files can be updated with additional users’ fluids and gases.


Enroll Now for Texvyn Technologies Post Graduate Program in Instrumentation Design Engineering


Course Duration: 150 Hrs.

Delivery Mode: Online - Instructor Led Live Sessions / Classroom Training

Software Covered: AutoCAD + InstruCalc + SPI [INTOOLS]

Enrollment Fees: INR 35000 [Inclusive of Taxes]

For course queries & enrollment details fill in the below form



ICL_Instrumentation Design
Download PDF • 556KB



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