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Introduction to Detail Engineering

Instrumentation Detailed Engineering (IDE) is a study which defines every technical and non technical aspects of project development. IDE follows Basic Engineering (BE) and Front End Engineering Design (FEED). It contains in detail diagrams and drawings for construction, civil works, Instrumentation, Control System, Electrical Facilities, Management of Suppliers, Schedule of Activities, Costs, Procurement of Equipment, Economic Evaluation and also Environmental Impacts before starting of construction of a project. Instrumentation detailed engineering found to be the best method for plant commissioning and plant maintenance.

Instrumentation Design

Every industrial sector there is requirements of number of instruments and control systems for automation. But every instrument has its life-period, once it crossed the instrument starts giving faulty readings which results in hazardous situations. For this we need to be in process of continuous maintenance activities or need to manufacture a new one and install. So, either to begin a new project or to make changes in existing one basic design steps are followed which includes design of Instrumentation Index Sheet (IDS), Data Sheet (DS) also know as Specification Sheets, Loop Wiring Diagram (LD), Hook-up Drawing(HD) also known as Installation Drawing.

Design Concept - Piping & Instrumentation Diagram

This is complete overview of the plant where information of instruments installed on pipelines and their connections to control systems are shown. It has technical information as plant number, instrument tag numbers, line numbers, line elevation details, pipe line numbers are shown.