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Self Learning Programs - Why & How its effective

Self-learning is the new form of learning. It has not replaced traditional, instructional learning, but it has complemented it and with some great results. Self-paced learning has been proven to be effective, convenient, and fast, thanks to the penetration of the internet at remote part of country. You can learn how to do almost anything through a simple Google search, by watching a YouTube tutorial or by accessing to free courses available at MOOC sites, and by simply reading instruction manuals. Self-learning is the new form of learning that is equipping people with skills that are relevant & essential to their professional or personal activities. However, this can be a challenging form of learning even for the brightest students, since it requires lots of discipline.

Advantages of Self-Learning

In case if you are confused about the best mode of learning, here are some advantages of Self-Learning Programs;

Strong Problem Solving Skills:

Self-learning programs gives you the ability to learn & identify problems and quickly seek out for effective solutions on your own using various options like some reference books, finding it on internet using google, asking your colleagues etc. With this method you not only find answers to your question but also learn new things while exploring for solution to your problem. You get to learn how to pro-actively look for solutions instead of having solutions brought to you.

Stress-Free Learning Process

Self-Learning process has great emphasis on the process rather than the outcome of the learning. There is extremely no pressure to learn the required content within a certain time nor a competition of getting high grades. You select what you want to learn, how you want to learn & when you want to learn.

Gain Other Skills in the Process

Self-Learning also helps to sharpen other important skills such as time management, self-assessment, focus and goal management. These are essential skills that can be equally beneficial to you in your professional as well as in your personal life.

Learning Becomes More Effective & Meaningful

Successful Self-paced learning is result of personal desire & determination to gain new knowledge or learn new skills which may help you in gaining a new heights in your career or in your personal life. It is completely driven by your need to gain more knowledge about a subject and use the information for a particular purpose. Therefore, you have a right purpose of why you are learning and the knowledge gained is often relevant, making it meaningful.

Learning with Curiosity

Learning occurs naturally when there is curiosity & urge of learning new skills is to satisfy some level of curiosity. This means that you will be motivated to learn and you will get to acquire much more skill & knowledge when the drive comes from within than from outside sources. It becomes an adventure and your capabilities are expanded each time you successfully learn something new.

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