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Static Equipment Design Career

Updated: Oct 28, 2020


The primary purpose of this article is to give you an idea about role of a Static Equipment Design Engineer (SEDE) in various types of engineering organization. This information will also enable you to identify potential job opportunities based on the type of organization and the work they perform.

The secondary purpose of the article is to introduce various parties that may be involved during the construction of process plant. Whenever the term Process Plant (PP) is mentioned here it broadly means (but not limited to): a petrochemical plant, a refinery, a chemical plant etc.

In the end there is a little discussion the about the career path of a SEDE.

CLIENT Side Organizations:

Client side organizations are the big giant companies who are already running several PPs. These organization, from time to time, will initiate a need for a new PP or expansion of an existing PP. As they have a lot of money and they are busy running their PPs, they don’t want to do this job themselves. So they hire a contractor. And not just any contractor, but an EPC contractor (See below). Some of the major Client side organizations are Exxon Mobil, Shell, Saudi Aramco & Sabic.

Of course this is an unofficial description of Client side organizations. For a vendor, Client may be an EPC contractor. For a steel plate manufacturer, client may be a vendor. That’s why I have named it “Client Side organizations” to differentiate it from the general term of client.

Usually there is a technical department in these organizations, where they hire many engineers along with SEDEs. This department contains all the design data and specifications of the already operating PP. The role of SEDE in such an organization is to acquaint him with all the possible technical information that may be required to certain problems faced during the operation of the plant. As a SEDE, you may also be involved with the new projects such as expansion of the existing PP or a new PP from scratch. You will be involved in activities such preparing feasibility studies, reviewing documents prepared by EPC contractors etc.

When the client side people decide that its time for a new project, they prepare a comprehensive requisition, which is floated for bidding. The bidders are usually EPC contractors.

EPC organizations: